The authors of Alive Dolls Project welcome you!

The project Alive Dolls is a combination of some trends of modern art such as theatre, animation, acting and body painting which is based on the traditions of street performances. The participants of the project are all professional actors working in a new brunch of art.

Project ideas can be different.

The bright images of Alive Dolls can change your party or presentation greatly.

We had run out the project in January, 2004 and since that human statues became an important part of the most luxurious parties and presentations of our country.

People working on our project have a great source of positive energy. They are really creative and combine their creativity and new technologies to improve our human statues. As a result of it, our specialists have created more then 800 different images.
We have also started two more projects associated with human statues. They are Humanoids and Space Parties and our new theatrical project Mimika.

Our projects can help you to create a spatial atmosphere for your occasion.

Your success is our success! We wish you great occasions!